Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fun cooking facts, number 1 in an occasional series

So, I'm going to start noting down some cooking-related facts I've found out so that I don't forget them.
  • Pie filling doesn't lose water when cooked, so make it fairly thick before you stick it in to bake the pastry on the top. However, it is worth pre-cooking the pie filling since otherwise it will be undercooked and the pastry will burn.
  • Whole tomatoes release far too much water when cooked; remove the pulp and make it back up with tomato puree.
  • Putting vinegar in the water really does make it possible to cook poached eggs. Win.
  • When roasting pork, equal parts salt, flour and smoked paprika rubbed into the fat gives pretty good crackling.
Today's frustration: my oven is not consistent enough to cook bread - there's a 20-30C temperature gradient which means that either the top burns, or the bottom doesn't cook. Am seriously thinking about an industrial oven next time round ..

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